Netflix Watchlist

Welcome to the good, the bad and the ugly. Right off the bat I can say there are loads of good series and I recommend ALL of them! In each section I’ve ordered them from my favourite to least favourite and rated them out of 5. I'll also be giving a brief description of why … Continue reading Netflix Watchlist


Discovering: CAT CAFÉ

Very exciting weekend! My sister and I visited a cat café for the first time in Newcastle! (and I dyed my hair pink again) WARNING: Be prepared for photos of the most adorable kittens (excluding mine ofc) Initially, we weren't exactly sure where to go and Google maps was leading us down a slightly dodgy … Continue reading Discovering: CAT CAFÉ

I’m Alive

Hi. hey. hello. How are you? 4 months without blogging- wow. I swear procrastination has lead me to writing this blog post. I'm supposed to be revising for my AS exams right now, but as you can see I'm not. Haha. I'm still pretty much the same child from before. I still have a job, … Continue reading I’m Alive