I’m Alive

Hi. hey. hello. How are you?

4 months without blogging- wow.

I swear procrastination has lead me to writing this blog post. I’m supposed to be revising for my AS exams right now, but as you can see I’m not. Haha.

I’m still pretty much the same child from before. I still have a job, and Pumpkin is doing well. Me, not so much. Stressing over exams. Ugh.

Today I had a C1 maths exam, oh boy. Question 10 and 11 were absolute killers, stg. Good luck to anyone reading this, who are procrastinating. 🙂

Not sure where I want to go with this blog; maybe sports/lifestyle/study inspo/helpsite (e.g. for people struggling with mental health, which I’m very passionate about and can relate to). I would love to have an aesthetic blog but I’m not that edgy. For now I’ll just blog about what’s going on in my life. Hmm, not much then. I am doing a rainbow dash this Sunday though, which is a 5k run where powdered paint gets thrown at you. I did it last year too and it was so fun! And its for charity; the Butterwick Hospice if I remember correctly. Less fun events include C2 and M1 maths exams and 2 chemistry exams. 😦 Maybe I could do a post about exam tips in the future, idk. If anyone reads this comment and let me know down below.

Until next time~ Byee


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