Disclaimer: I was literally half an hour late to my biology exam, no kidding!

Ahh, first week back at college and BAM! The dreaded January mock exams.

While this was no surprise and we were told to revise (I may or may not have given up on revision after the first week) I was pretty unprepared to say the least. Nevertheless with late night cramming and the stress of failing I managed… almost.

Last Monday I had my first exam: Maths. I have to say this has been my most difficult mock exam. Despite having only 10 questions, they were all nearly impossible!

Tuesday: Chemistry and Biology. Chemistry went well, biology on the other hand, not so good. Basically, my friend and I ended up being half an hour late for the exam!! I wish I could say I’m exaggerating, but I really can’t. 😩

My friend and I knew about the exam and everything, but we were told that the time on the timetable was a misprint. So as usual, like every Tuesday, we went to Interact (a charity club I am part of, to be more specific I’m the president of it). While we were organising our next event, teachers were running around Plantation trying to find the biology student’s butts. Just to our luck, they seemed to have completely forgotten about us and 30 minutes later we find ourselves trying to discreetly sneak into the exam hall. This was so so embarrassing! Not only was a biology exam on, but further maths, business and psychology for the upper 6 too. I think we’ve become infamous now for missing/being late for our exam. Oh brother.

On Wednesday I had my last exam: Psychology, which happened to be my best exam! And a bonus is I didn’t miss it!

To wrap this up, these have been my first official mocks and let me tell you I never knew A levels would be so difficult! Good luck to anyone who has exams this term. You can do it! 😊☺️


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