Secret Santa


This year at college was my first time ever doing secret santa and I was more than excited! The idea of giving and receiving an anonymous present thrilled me (sad I know, I’m easily amused).

For me I got a girl, who is pretty much your typical girly girl, who is so pretty its depressing. Anyway I decided to get her some bodyshop stuff, such as a big bottle of olive shower gel, a shea butter body scrub and a poof. What beauty lover doesn’t like bodyshop smellies?

On the last week of term, after having 3 weeks to prepare, the secret santa exchange was here. (!!)

Now the lads in my year (all 8 if them) are absolutely mad and usually break everything they touch. Well that day one of the lads still hadn’t bought his secret santa person a gift, so during his free period he went into town, bought a PlayStation gift card and put it in the cardboard box that the guinea pigs came in! Imagine this; a massive cardboard box with a tiny gift card inside!

Oh it gets better. To wrap the box, this guy had printed out loads (and I mean loads) of photos of his secret santa person’s face and began wrapping them around the box with masking tape! And since there were spare photos he had the brilliant idea to take a picture frame down off the wall and fill it with these A4 photos!!                                                              I wish I could post a pic of the result, but I think that goes against his privacy.

When everyone saw what he had done, we were almost crying with laughter. Tbh I think I was crying! When the guy saw his face plastered everywhere he was speechless, bless him. In the end we all had a good laugh.

Now for what I received from secret santa. You’ll never guess! Final Fantasy X and X2… on PS2!! Now don’t get me wrong and I’m very grateful and its not like I got a keyring of a guy’s face (one of the lads actually did that), but to say the least I was slightly disappointed. Although it now looks like I have something to do over the holidays now. 😂

P.S. I post every Monday and Thursday🙂


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