Presidential Election


So, as yall all know, unless you live under a rock (Patrick I’m looking at you) on the 8th November Trump was elected US president- don’t worry the politics end here.

Another election that went on was for the role of president of Interact at college, which is basically a club that raises money for any charity. Long story short I decided to apply for the role (I genuinely like helping others and have raised money for charities before so why not). To my surprise I ended up being voted the new president of Interact!! Eee! This is pretty exciting news for me, especially since I’m never voted for anything!

Only now my confidence is ebbing, due to the fact that at an event called Charter Night, I have to give a speech. I HATE public speaking. I had a panic attack in a speaking exam for crying out loud. I have no idea what I’m going to do, other than try to remain calm and get though it.

Motivational pep talk to self: I can do it! Wish me luck guys! 🙂


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