Dream Come True

I’m sure everyone has a dream, or a wish. Whether it be for money (lets be real who doesn’t wish for money), your senpai to notice you, an infinite food supply, world peace and/or a cure for cancer.

While I wish for all these things, I also have a much smaller wish, which is more realistic and might actually be coming true. I might be getting… a HAMSTER! Eeee!!

I’ll explain: a good friend of mine is giving his hamster away for free, along with a cage and food. Thanks to his excellent advertising on Snapchat I was able to message him and make planes to meet up next week.

I’m so excited! Even if it doesn’t sound like such a big deal. I’ll make sure to post photos next week when I get it.

Also if anyone has some name ideas please post them below (its a she BTW)

Thank you and byee~

P.S. I post every Monday and Thursday🙂


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