Christmas Has Come Early

Well… kinda, since getting pins out in a few hours. Probably by the time you are reading this I have had my operation. And finally after 9 months (!!!) I won’t be needing to keep visiting the hospital for monthly x-rays (that’s if my arm doesn’t crumble). God knows how much radiation I’ve been exposed to in this last year.

Also, it wouldn’t be right for christmas to come early without putting up some christmas decorations and sharing them with you guys. Here’s my festive favourites below:

To make a home feel like christmas it has to smell like christmas, and nothing does that better than burning this Yankee Candle in the scent ‘Christmas Eve’.

These are some of my favourite Coca Cola decorations they bring back childhood memories of picking at brussel sprouts and guzzling coke as a young child.

My humble little christmas tree, which sits on my desk in my bedroom.

Last, but not least, this cluster of snowflake fairy lights, hanging down my window.

That’s it for this post, I will update on how the operation goes soon. Just want to say thanks for all the support. 🙂


Ps guys I have a Tumblr blog, which you can follow. Basically, I’ll be posting the same stuff on there that I’m posting on here, except you can follow my posts easier on Tumbler. While I do like using Blogger for blogging, its hard to follow since you need an account and who needs another account with another website? So, yeah, if you have a Tumblr account make sure you follow me at:


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