The Horrors of… I Mean The Delights of Cross Country

Aah cross country, running around a boggy field in the freezing cold. What’s not to love? (sarcasm)

Everyone has done it at least once in their life. Whether you volunteered as a tribute or were forced by your teacher, since you are known to enjoy running (that happened to me) we all have ran around like headless chickens through the marshes of our school fields.

Last Thursday me and many other unwilling students took a trip to our nearest private school for the yearly cross country event. I remember going last year and being just as nervous. Despite my nerves I managed to come 3rd place (how? idek) and even collected a medal. Unfortunately, as you must know by now, or if you are new here (hi!) I broke BOTH my arms the Wednesday before the next event. Just my luck! Anyway this year I came 6th and the top 16 go on to the next event, so hopefully I’ll actually be able to make it, without breaking anything. It was a tough run, although it was just under 4k. I’m blaming it on how windy and cold it was. My sister also took part in the junior cross country and came 46th. Afterwards, to warm us up, there were hot chocolate and biscuits. Only the best, poshest refreshments from a private school, no surprise.

Overall, the run went pretty well and I’m looking forward to the next event in January.

Also, last weekend I took part in a 10k Morun (moustache run) for mens health.
And the weekend before I took part in a 5k poppy run, Run 2 Remember.

Photos of my medals and t-shirt below.


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