A Week Away in Kent

This is long over due, but I still wanted to share some of my best holiday snaps from when I went down South to Kent for a few days.

Day 1: Spent 5 hours driving down, plus another 2 hours finding the hotel.

Day 2: Went to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio for the second time, the first time I went was with my school. I would say my second time was just as amazing, probably even better. Since Anya and I went for our Birthday we got to open the grand hall doors. That was magical! There was also the Hogwarts express, which wasn’t there the first time I went. Being able to actually go onto the train was my favourite part. The gift shop was incredible too, so much to see, but it was very expensive. However, Anya couldn’t leave without buying Dumbledore’s elder wand (£27!!|).

Outside of the studio

Day 3: Started the day at Deal, looking around the shops, and then sitting on the beautiful pebble beach. I swam in the sea too, which was surprisingly warmer than expected. Next, went to Dover to visit an old friend. To finish the day off went Shopping in Canterbury.

Deal pebble beach

Day 4: The last day in Kent was spent at Samphire Hoe in Dover. It is another pebble beach and is one of my favourite places in the world.

White cliffs
Samphire Hoe
Geode I found by nearly tripping over it

Day 5: Arrived home at 00:30 BTS.


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