Visiting The Penshaw Monument

Yesterday I visited The Penshaw monument with my family, and my sister and I did the Easter trail there too. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we even took our dog, Sorrel. We decided to go because my parents are planning to do a half marathon (13.1 miles) there and they wanted to check out the course.
On the Easter trail we had to look for egg shaped wood with letters on them, which were hanging in the trees and bushes. There were six altogether and they spelt out the word CHICKS. To claim our prize (a Cadbury egghead) Anya and I had to go to the registering tent and tell them the word we found.  We were also given a booklet of ‘50 things to do before your 11 and ¾’. This slightly offended me, as I am 14 years old (nearly 15).
Walking around the trail was very fun and we got to see the wildlife as well. My dad spotted a large, brown hare running through the forest and there were plenty of birds (and midges) too.
Afterwards we sat on The Penshaw monument for our lunch, while getting eaten alive by the many midges. I would recommend going out for a family walk and taking a visit to The Penshaw monument. You can even go up the monument by climbing a spiral staircase inside one of the pillars for £5. £5 is a lot but the view from the top is definitely worth it.

To conclude our family outing we stopped off at the nearby Nike store, since my sister was in desperate need of some new trainers. We left with a pair of black, leopard print trainers for Anya, a mint green top for mum and I purchased a zip up hoodie, also in mint green.  I would say that yesterday was a day well spent.

Me failing at holding The Penshaw Monument 
Mint Collection


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