Back At Last

At home I had to have everything done for me. I couldn’t do anything. I spent my days off school being cared for by my mum. She fed me, dressed me and she even had to take me to the bathroom. It was a bit like having a new born baby in the house and I was the baby!
The first night back I woke up 7 times and I had to call my mum to move my arms if they ached or to give me paracetamol. On the following nights I woke up less and less until I didn’t wake up through the night at all. This might sound odd but often I would dream of falling (weird right? I don’t feel that traumatised though). 
I didn’t go to school for over 2 weeks so I spent long days sat in front of the TV, watching whatever was on at the time. I ended up watching a lot of The Jeremy Kyle Show even though I don’t particularly like it. I think if my English teacher found out I was watching it, then he would be furious (he absolutely hates it).

For school work my sister brought home work and my mum would write for me. After those 2 weeks off I went in for a meeting at school to see if I could come back and what would be arranged. By now I was desperate to get out of the house and get back in school. I was due to go in the next Thursday but I never made it.

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