To The Operating Theatre: Part 3

I didn’t go home that day but my sister and gran visited. My sister even made me a get-well card. My mum also showed me all the lovely messages on Facebook that my friends had left me. Throughout the visit I kept closing my eyes and insisting that I was only resting them. Unfortunately, I ended up falling asleep. I slept through dinner and tea too, so I had to just have slices of toast and cups of tea again and more packets of custard creams. That was the only thing I ate that day.
On the night the nurses still came in to top me up with painkillers and antibiotics. This time through a needle in my foot as my hand was covered up. My arms ached most of the night and had to be moved around a lot. I don’t think I got any sleep that night because I had slept through most of the day. I don’t think my mum got any sleep either, as I kept waking her to move my arms or scratch my face, which was still itching like mad! By morning time we both had tired baggy eyes.

We were looking forward to going home.

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